Week One: Crossfit Hells Kitchen


So far I’m three workouts into my month trial of Crossfit. Unfortunately or fortunately however you look at it, it is pull back week at Crossfit Hells Kitchen. So the workouts haven’t been too hard or long. I’ve actually been surprised by my lack of sweat.

Day One: Bar Bell Basics

All new students have to take this class so make sure you know proper form for bar bell movements. When you slow down movements and execute them in full proper form… they hurt. Clean and jerks, squats, spilt leg press… yada yada its hard. The intro class was great for those who have never done bar bell work before but other than making me fully squat with my butt to the ground nothing was new for me.

Day Two: 6 AM Monday

Leg workout, lots of squats. Since it was my first real class I spent the first 15 minutes figuring out my max squat. I already knew about what it would be, but full squat to the ground is more difficult. To my surprise I came up with 115 pounds. For the cardio part of the workout we did 1 minute of pull and cleans and then as many split leg presses as possible. The next minute we maxed out burpies. We alternated those two minutes of activities for ten minutes total.

Day Three: 6 AM Wednesday

Today was all arms. Like I said earlier it was pull back week so the workload for the first half of the workout was light. 15, 10 and 8 reps each at a light weight. Then 5 reps three times at 40% of your max. After than 5 reps at 50% and 60% of your max. My max bench press is 100 so this was a really easy workout for me. The second part was considerably harder and my shoulders are still feeling the burn today, two days later. Muscle ups, ever heard of it? Check out this video on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SSKgxdAoLM. For those of us who couldn’t do them (90% of the class) we practiced with our feet on the floor.

Overall I’m not sold of Crossfit just yet, but I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. The workouts were really short and I didn’t get that much sweat going. The good part is that I was up working out at 6 AM which is a good thing. I also really liked the people in the class, everyone was nice and helped me figure out something if I didn’t know what to do.

This Weekend’s Workout:

Saturday- Abs, Zumba, Football

Sunday- 5 Mile Run, Crossfit

Spring league for two hand touch football starts tomorrow. I sure hope I can improve my level of play or else Peter will cut me from the team! Lets hope this rain and snow clears up.

What do you weekend workouts look like?

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