Whipped Vodka and Cranberry Jello Shots- Vegan


I know this is a little off topic for cookie week but I brought these jello shots to the cookie swap party so I though why not share with you all.

First things first, vegan jello? Gelatin that makes up the popular Jell-O we ate as kids is made of collagen from an animal’s skin and bones. Most gummy candies from gummy bear to even my precious Peeps have the same gelatin ingredient in it. YUCK! Luckily vegans and those who eat kosher have a nice substitute. Seaweed… that’s right seaweed. Agar Agar comes in an easy to use powder or flakes form. I also use irish moss gel, which is better for thicker more dessert dished like pudding or “cheesecakes”, but more on that another time!

1 Tbsp agar-agar flakes or 1 1/2 tsp powder= 1 box of Jell-O mix

Agar agar is really easy to use and you can make any flavor you want without all of the fake/sugar ladened ingredients! My first batch of these guys were a little thick because I wasn’t sure how much to use but I got it down pat for the second batch. Perhaps I’ll experiment more towards New Years Eve. jello5

For the cookie swap party I wanted to make something a little festive. My first thought was cranberry and my second thought was Pinnacle Whipped Vodka. If you haven’t tried Pinnacle vodka yet you should go buy some now. They have awesome flavors like chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin spice and even cookie dough vodka… Oh the endless possibilities! For the cookie swap party I decided to keep it simple a clean crisp and go for a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry jello shot.


Whipped Vodka and Cranberry Jello Shots- (Makes about 24 ice cubes)

Vodka Layer:

1.5 Cups Pinnacle Whipped Vodka

.5 Cup Club Soda

1.5 Teaspoons Agar Agar Powder

Cranberry Layer:

2 Cups Cranberry Juice (Unsweetened if you can find)

1.5 Teaspoons Agar Agar Powder


1)  Spray non-stick spray into your molds. I used ice cub trays!

2) Start with the vodka layer. In a small pot mix the agar agar with .5 cup of club soda, stir to mix well and let it set about 3 minutes.

3) Boil for about 5 minutes until agar agar is dissolved. Take off the heat and add-in the 1.5 cups of vodka. Once mixed well pour into molds. I filled my molds halfway up to leave room for the cranberry. Immediately set in the fridge until solid. (about 45 minutes)

4) Make the cranberry layer the same way instead heating the agar agar with 1 cup of the cranberry then adding the second cup after its been heated.

5) Pour the cranberry jello on top of the chilled vodka in your molds. Set in the fridge for an hour.

6) Test them!

It is best to leave your jello shots in the molds as long as possible. I had to use a knife to loosen one side of the jello shot then they easily slid out. You can use a mixture of any flavor you like. Just remember 1.5 teaspoons agar agar powder to two cups of liquid.



A perfect bite sized drink…


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  3. Lisa says:

    Just wanted to know why unsweetened cranberry juice? Does it make the shot less bitter?

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