Race Review: Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC

Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC Race Review: Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC

April 27, 2014

Unfortunately with my work and moving schedule this is going to be a short review, it’s going to be more of a photo review. But, first let me just announce..

I SET A PR!!!!!


It has taken me 3 years to break 1:50 but I finally did it. I went in with expectations that I would just try my hardest and be positive. My mind is definitely my own worst enemy. I’m not even sure where this fast pace came from to be honest. My fitness level always end up surprising me. Ok, here goes!

Nike does a fantastic job with this race. The expo is the most unique I have ever been to with lots of interactive social media and technology. They had plenty of samples of Nuun which was the race day drink and luna bar had a place where you could print your own signs. The only negative to the expo is getting there. Traffic is horrible.

Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC
Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC

Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC

After the expo make sure to go take selfless at the monuments.


Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC

Race morning was very well organized. The metro goes right to the start and is definitely the easier option than taking a cab. I loved that there were plenty of toilets and the corals were easy to get into.

And now we are getting to my main gripe. The pacers… my first thought was these girls are young, maybe they are high school athletes. Turns out they just were college kids who work at the local Nike store. They were totally off on the pace and had no idea what they were doing. Just because you are fast, it doesn’t mean that you know how to keep a pace. We race two sub 8 min miles right off the bat. From then on I ran slightly ahead of them and just kept my own pace. I didn’t even see them finish which leads me to believe they couldn’t keep up the pace they had set at the beginning. I really hope these ladies didn’t ruin anyones race. So glad I ended up doing my own thing. END RANT!

  Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC The race its self was so well organized. Wave starts help keep the course not crowded. I did hear that the later corrals were a bit more packed but the front was just fine. It was cool to be so close to the starting line!

Water stops were just about every mile. They had Nuun instead of Poweraide or Gatorade which I’m not a big fan of but at least there were plenty of stops. Port-o-potties were available at nearly every other water stop.

The course its self was pretty flat and very beautiful. I loved running on the tree lined streets. Unfortunately I was more focused on my pace and didn’t take ANY pictures! My friends on the sidelines got a couple though.


It is so hard for me to believe that I actually ran that pace. My legs felt great the whole time. My back was the issue. I guess I need to be working on my core more. As soon as I finished my hip started to ache… only 30 seconds under my goal time. I’m glad I never stopped running for one second.

The finish shoot was awesome! A bag filled with snacks and a reusable water bottle. Last but not least men in suits handed you your very own Tiffany’s necklace!

Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC

I missed these signs while I was running past my friends but they did such a good job. They also helped themselves to some liquid carb loading while we ran :)

Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC

The runner exit area can get a bit crowded, plan to meet your family at a corner a block or two away.

Pros: Great girls weekend getaway, high tech expo, Tiffany’s necklace, pretty shirts, flat course, the chocolate mile!, well organized, tons of water and bathroom stops.

Cons: Lottery system and pricey!

Such a great weekend and I’m so happy to have a new PR! Its been three years of me trying to break 1:50!

Not So Perfect Life- Nike Women's Half DC



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Trying for a PR!

Not So Perfect Life

Right now I’m on a bus headed to Washington D.C to spend the weekend with my best gal pals and to run the Nike Half Marathon. Last year I was a spectator and this year I’m running. I am beyond excited.

Nike Womens Half- Not So Perfect Life

The weather looks great, the course is flat and I’m semi ready to set a PR. Actually I have no idea if I can do it or not but the best part is that I’m not stressed at all. My plan is to run with the 1:50 pace group as long as possible. My current PR is just over 1:52. My last half was a month ago and I did a solid 1:58 without pain. Who knows how this will turn out.

One thing for sure is that I’m mentally ready for success or failure. Whatever happens, happens. I’m ready for the pain of those last few miles, no stress!

Any words of wisdom for enduring the pain?


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Tofu Mexican Scramble- Breakfast Supper!

Tofu Mexican Scramble- Not So Perfect Life

Its been awhile since I posted a recipe. I actually have not spent too much time in my kitchen, a little too much travel and stress. Plus I’ve been spending a lot of time eating at my favorite NYC restaurants. Last weekend I actually had a total blogger fail. I was trying to replicate freeze dried grapes. My grand idea was to dehydrate grapes to make them. I must have not been thinking because what happens when you dehydrate grapes? You make raisins… DUHHHHH. How do they freeze dry fruit anyways. It’s so tasty.

So when I’m not making messes in the kitchen I’m making some new great meals. My absolute favorite meal is breakfast. If I could only have breakfast for the rest of my life I could probably live. I love scrambled egg whites but I have to stop eating as many. Tofu is my go to alternative. Many tofu scramble recipes call for nutritional yeast but since its not a staple of every pantry or even supermarket (and some simply don’t like the cheesy nutty taste) I wanted to make something more accessible.

Tofu Mexican Scramble- Not So Perfect Life

The key is Lawry’s seasoned salt. Probably my favorite seasoning. Hands down, tasty and its my grandma’s secret ingredient. Seasoning salt combined with chili powder, garlic and onion powder create a tasty tofu Mexican scramble that will leave your mouth watering. Even tofu haters will love this recipe.

Tofu Mexican Scramble- Breakfast Supper!


  • 1 Package Firm Tofu Drained
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Lawry's Seasoned Salt
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Chili Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Onion Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • 1 Teaspoon Olive Oil


  1. Drain the tofu as best as you can. Heat the skillet to a medium high heat.
  2. Add olive oil to the skillet, gently add in the tofu and chop up the tofu block with your spatula. There is no art to this just "scramble" it
  3. Once the tofu is scrambled sprinkle on your spices.Stir in the spices well, make sure everything gets a good coating.
  4. Let teh tofu sit in the pan for a minute or two, trying to brown up the sides. Stir only occasionally trying to let as much water possible evaporate off.
  5. After about 7 minutes in the pan the tofu should be crisp and firm.
  6. Serve with black beans and your favorite steamed veggies for the perfect Mexican scramble.

Breakfast for dinner in 10 minutes? Yes its possible. Plus I tested it for leftovers for the next days lunch and it was amazing. This Tofu Mexican Scramble is definitely a keeper.

Tofu Mexican Scramble- Not So Perfect Life What is your favorite meal of the day?


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