This one time I met a bunch of Olympic Athletes: Sochi Part 3

I have never come back from a vacation so motivated to get in shape. There is something about seeing athletes in their prime, pushing themselves to the limit that makes me want to reach my full potential. I consider it such an honor to have met with so many amazing athletes.

How many people can say this one time while I was talking to Apolo…

Here are a few stories about the athletes we met.

Apolo Anton Ohno- Eight time Olympic Medalist, Short Track Speed Skating. 

Sochi 2014- Not So Perfect Life

I’m starting with the best first. I have dreamed about meeting Apolo Anton Onho for about 12 years. Hands down Apolo is someone who most inspires me. We met him in the USA fan house and I didn’t even let his sit down before I went to talk to him. #sorryi’mnotsorry

So what do you ask the man you have been waiting to meet for 12 years? I asked about his workout schedule of course. He said he mainly sticks to running on the treadmill now days since he travels so much. Apolo is thoroughly enjoying his NBC gig AND he told me the hardest thing athletically he has ever done was run the NYC marathon. I was like, “ME TOO!” Can you imagine having that in common with your athletic idol. Apolo was so nice. I could not have imagined meeting him going any better.

Lauryn Williams- Two time silver medalist, the only US woman to medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics, Track and Bobsled.

Sochi 2014- Not So Perfect Life

P and I met Lauryn right after I had just grabbed a plate full of McDonald’s french fries. Yes, I ate McDonald’s french fries while talking to an olympic athlete. I made a joke about it and she said “hey, whatever makes you happy.” Humbling but funny.

Debbie McCormick- Four time Olympian, Curling.

Sochi 2014- Not So Perfect Life

P is a huge curling fan since his family is Canadian. I really got into curling at Sochi. I liked that it was a thinking mans game. Next time curling is on TV read the Wikipedia article while watching it. It’s very interesting. Debbie was so nice. She is one of the best US women curlers ever, if not the best. We also got to meet the whole USA mens team. Everyone was so nice.

Ted Ligety-Two time olympian and two-time gold medalist, Slalom.

Sochi 2014- Not So Perfect Life

I unfortunately don’t have a great story to go along with this picture. Ted was in high demand and didn’t have much time to speak to us. It was still cool to get to see a gold medal up close and personal.

Yulia Lipnitskaya- Gold medalist from the team event, Figure skating. 

Sochi 2014- Not So Perfect Life

Yulia was on our flight from Moscow to Sochi. She was trying to stay under the radar but she stood out in her Russian gear with her coaches. I snapped this picture of her. I don’t think she ever smiled. I wonder, is she less impressed than Mckayla Maroney?

Emily Scott and Alyson Dudek- Womens Short Track Speed Skating. 

Sochi 2014- Not So Perfect Life

An extremely random meeting of these two amazing women. We were crowded around the entrance trying to get to our seats for the mens 4 man bobsled final and there they were. I asked them about their leg workouts and then bravely asked to see their leg muscles. I was praying they didn’t think I was a weird! Luckily they were totally cool, and even said they appreciated that someone took notice of their hard work! Their secret? Lots of jump squats and single leg squats. These girls were 115 pounds of pure muscle.

We met a ton of other athletes but those events were less documented. It is truly amazing at the Olympics that you never know who you are sitting next to. An athlete or a team trainer, to parents who have dedicated their lives to their kids sport.

If your sick of my Olympic posts this is the last one I promise!

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4 Responses to This one time I met a bunch of Olympic Athletes: Sochi Part 3

  1. Katie says:

    AHHH! I saw Apollo at a delta sky club once but didn’t say anything. It was like 4 am, and I assumed he’d want his space. I’m glad they said single leg squats are important, those are what I preach to the girls on the dance team I help coach!
    Katie recently posted…Peace Perspective: IX Crooked PathMy Profile

  2. THAT IS CRAZY COOL! I still can’t believe you went!
    Em @ Love A Latte recently posted…Pregnancy Journey – 18 Weeks (and lots of vegan yums!)My Profile

  3. That is so so so so so SO cool you got to meet all of those Olympians. What a neat experience. I love Apollo too!
    Melanie @ Happy Being Healthy recently posted…Crazy Life, Fun Times with Kids and Scary Maternity ClothesMy Profile

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