Mental Toughness: 10 Mile Treadmill Run


Are you bored yet?

A 10 mile treadmill run can break just about anyone. Until this Sunday the longest treadmill run I had previously done was 8 miles and that was three years ago. With Icy roads and below freezing temperatures killing the chance of a long outdoor run sometimes you just have to suck it up.

So how do you get through it? I watched the Fashion Police and E News. I can imagine that watching a football game or a good movie could also help.

When I’m running outside I like to go without music and soak in my surroundings. The skyline, the trees or the stars in Texas. But on a treadmill you will bore yourself to death if you do not have a distraction.

The benefits to a long treadmill run is an easy run for tight calves or sore knees. You can also force yourself to do negative splits which is what I did. You can take it extremely easy and run it entirely flat or you can control your hills.

Whatever you do the a long treadmill run will require mental toughness. Just like in a marathon your thoughts can be the difference in a good race or a bad race. Don’t over analyze every quarter mile loop and whatever you do don’t focus on exactly how many minutes left you have!

What is the longest treadmill run you have done?

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6 Responses to Mental Toughness: 10 Mile Treadmill Run

  1. I want to get a treadmill so bad! We moved last spring and no longer have one (had one at apartment gym). I’m hoping to acquire a used one soon because I’m starting to get so antsy especially with not being able to get outside. Nice run!!! The longest I have run on the treadmill is 20 miles and that was 3 years ago when I had to hit a 20 miler in January to be ready for a marathon in March. It was CRAZY. Awesome but insane. Not sure how I did it. The longest I’ve run on the treadmill since then is 9 and that felt like a lot last winter. Enjoy your treadmill runs!
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  2. Jade says:

    Last year, I was training for my first half marathon that was at the end of April and I live up in the land of cold and snow so I couldn’t do a lot of training runs outside until fairly close to it. I remember that 10 miler like it was yesterday. I had my older treadmill, so I couldn’t prop on my personal dvd player like i can on my new one, so I was just staring outside the entire like 90+ minutes. There was hardly anyone walking outside, I think like two cars passed by, it was hard! With those types of runs, I start to count to twenty a bazillion times – I don’t exactly know why, I just do, to break up the time.

  3. woah you are awesome!!! I am hating the treadmill lately. I just want the weather to warm up a little and the roads to be clear to be back outside running
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  4. Yes ma’am! Whew treadmill runs are TOUGH!!! It really does take a solid distraction to keep you going! Or just hopping off every ~3 miles for a quick stretch and a sip of water! I’ve done a couple 13.1’s on the treadmill and each time I swore NEVER AGAIN! Good job girl! Do you have a big race you’re training for?
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