My New Commute

When I took my new job I was worried about how I was going to fit in my workout with such a long commute.  Let me just clue you in on my commute from busy Manhattan to suburbia New Jersey.

I take a subway OR my man drives me to Penn Station.

Then I take a 45 min to an hour train ride to suburbia.

Next I take a taxi on a 6 mile journey through a traffic nightmare to my office (about 30 mins). It can take the better part of 2 hours, each way. A total drag on my workout time! I needed a change, insert my old trusty friend the bike! securedownload So now I’m biking 1.5 miles to the train station, taking the train, then biking 6 miles to my office. Not only an I saving money (26 dollars a day in taxi fare alone), I’m also saving so much time!

While an hour and a half commute may seem quite long I’m also getting in a workout. I am so siked at the possibility of getting in good enough biking shape to be able to tackle the 38 mile ride all the way home from the office next summer! Another bonus is that I am going to kill the NYC triathlon bike portion next year.

I hope that I can keep up the biking for at least the rest of the month (the weather this week has been awesome!!!).

As much as the commute seems like a drag I’m really not out at the office that much. Next week I’m on the road again headed to South Texas. I can’t wait to do some morning runs and to test out a few new workout videos.

What do you do if you have a long commute? Any recommendations for workout videos next week?

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6 Responses to My New Commute

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Reba, I really admire how dedicated you are in getting in your daily workout :)
    Your commute before the bike sounds a lot like how my commute used to be when I was working in the city. I lived in suburbia so we parked at either the train station or subway station and it took about 1.5 – 2 hours to get downtown depending on traffic or the weather. Sometimes, my hubby and I would drive downtown together which took almost just as long. The sad part was that we used to just go on our phones or do work on our laptops on the train ride, I wish we had the dedication to bike to work at least in the summers. Good luck in your triathlon next year and keep up the great job :)

  2. You are so hardcore! That is crazy cool that you are biking…what a fantastic week for it. I have a 25-35 minute commute depending on traffic. I generally listen to music, but lately I’ve been thinking I need to get some books to listen to. I like Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout Video, but I think you either like her style or not so I’d check her videos out on YouTube first before making any purchases. Hope you’re enjoying your new job! :)
    Em @ Love A Latte recently posted…Hey…My Profile

  3. Katie says:

    Nice work!! I bike to work occasionally, its 5 miles, but not a bike friendly road. I used to have a 90 minute drive, I listened to a lot of podcasts!
    Katie recently posted…Looking Back: 2013 ResolutionsMy Profile

  4. That’s awesome that you can combine a workout with your commute! I commute about 40 minutes each way and that’s more than enough for me!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…Steak and Cheese Crescent BakeMy Profile

  5. girl that is a crazy commute…and girl i am impressed at your dedication to fit in workouts and training!!!
    Angela @ another bite please recently posted…pasta roll-ups with chicken and goat cheeseMy Profile

  6. Love this! I used to commute via bike when I was in school. Now my job is too far :(
    Matt @ The Athlete’s Plate recently posted…Long Time No BlogMy Profile

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