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My half marathon training is coming along quite nice. I’m a week and a half into my 8 week advanced program. Since not every day I have the time to make it to Central Park or the track, I have to suck it up every once in a while and hit the treadmill.

Monday morning at 6 AM I stepped on the treadmill with a mission.

I find treadmill running incredibly hard to finish if I’m going for a run longer than about 4 miles. For some reason the miles just feel longer. The longest treadmill run I’ve ever done was 10 miles during football season when I was throughly entertained. Since all I needed to get in was my sprints I knew I could do it.

When I was running much faster I used the treadmill as my speed work tool. It takes the guess work out of running the right pace. If felt good to be back on the treadmill pushing myself.

The main work of this speed drill focuses on 8 400M sprints at 5K pace. Make sure to warm up and cool down. Here goes:


Warm up 1 mile at Race Pace

8*400M sprints with a brief rest in between

Half mile cool down at Long Run Pace

I ran my sprints at different paces just to mix it up. I didn’t know it was possible to get a runners high at 6 AM on a treadmill but it happened. I love that running is so hard until one day its easy. Does that make sense? Warming up at my old easy pace felt awesome.

Do you like treadmill running? How do you make it through a treadmill workout?

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11 Responses to Treadmill Speed Work

  1. I would always rather be outside than the treadmill, but I was on the treadmill all last winter. I got through it by watching tv while running. Also, I distract myself with a magazine. I try to break up the run into shorter increments so it’s not just I’m getting on the treadmill to run however many miles. That’s awesome that your first week of training is going great! :)
    Em @ Love A Latte recently posted…Apple Cider Vinegar TofuMy Profile

  2. Love that feeling – when what used to be a hard pace to maintain suddenly becomes easy. AMAZING! I use the treadmill for speed work, too. For some reason, I can make myself run much faster on the mill than outside. I think I just have outside ADD – I’m all “bird, tree, squirrel, runner, dog, grass” which slows me down.
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme. recently posted…“Wordless” Wednesday – Happy Birthday America!My Profile

  3. I actually really like the treadmill! It makes it easier to control my pace, and it takes the guesswork out of everything. I usually combine my runs with other exercise, so if I’m already at the gym it makes it much more convenient.
    Kelly @ KellyRunsforFood recently posted…Guilty DogMy Profile

    • rebacox says:

      I think it just takes me awhile to get used to doing it. Then its not so bad. It definitely good when you want to work weights or other things.

  4. miles do feel 10000x longer on a treadmill!
    Julie @ RDelicious Kitchen recently posted…4th of July Fruit SkewersMy Profile

  5. It’s so hard to do long runs on the treadmill! I did a 10 miler one time too and thought for SURE I was going to pull my hair out. At least long runs outside you get a change in scenery :) Way to go on the speed work, it sounds like you got your sweat on!! I bet you felt amazing the rest of the day too having done it at 6am! I have to keep myself entertained with music, if not then I’m stuck watching the tv at the gym which is almost inevitably stuck on ESPN :)
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Firecracker Fast 5K RecapMy Profile

  6. Hyedi says:

    I’ve definitely made friends with the treadmill. I like your speed workout — I will give that one a try next time :)
    Hyedi recently posted…My favorite fitness appsMy Profile

  7. i do not care for treadmill when the weather is nice…but when the weather gets cold and icky I am all for the treadmill…hope the 8 week advance running program goes well. i am doing hal higdons training so running 9 miles on friday…still need to find a route LOL
    Angela @ another bite please recently posted…happy 4th of July!My Profile

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