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My last session with my personal trainer was Tuesday night. To test my progress we decided that I was going to do an all around max out workout. It was so much fun I highly recommend every once in a while you grab a friend or trainer and do a max out workout as well. I love pushing myself to new limits and finding out just exactly how strong I am.

First we started out with sit-ups… My abs have been getting pretty strong since I’ve been following my ab workout on a regular basis. I have not done regular sit-ups in a long time so I had no idea what type of goal to shoot for!

300! Yea I did 300 sit-ups and could have done some more but it was time consuming.

Next up was planks… That did go so well! My shoulders were already tired from the Insanity workout I did in the morning. I think I only lasted a bit over 1 minute. Oh well I did 300 sit-ups right before :)

After we wore out my abs I moved on to the bench press. My previous max was 105 pounds which I did a couple of months ago. This week I was able to do 110 with some help. Not as much as I would have liked but I have not been working on it like I should.


After my arms could move no more we moved on to the squat. Perviously 115 was my max. I knew I could do better than that. Slowly I built the weight up to 155 which I did two solid repetitions of.

I love  squatting, don’t ask why!

20130423_184717 Lastly, I battled my trainer on the ripcord TRX band. Its  was pretty much a tie, he used more resistance and was faster than me in the repetitions but I did a couple more.

So here are my results:

300 sit-ups

110 Pound Bench Press

155 Pound Squat

I can’t wait to beat those numbers!

Today is the last day of my work conference in DC. I plan on going for an afternoon run. Any suggestions on where I should run in our capital?

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10 Responses to Max Out Workout

  1. Hyedi says:

    WOO! Look at you go, girl! Very impressed :)
    Hyedi recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post: Meet Mandy!My Profile

  2. Kelsey says:

    You’re awesome! I never max out! I’d like to do a “how many per minute” challenging or once a week see how long I can hold a plank though. Have fun with you last time in DC I’d suggest running in the National Mall so you can take in sites while you run. Post pictures!
    Kelsey recently posted…Celebrate Your True BeautyMy Profile

  3. Wow! Way to go :) I think I could maybe do 30 situps if I realllllly tried, so 300 is crazy to me
    Kelly @ Hidden Fruits and Veggies recently posted…Baked Beans (Full of fruit!)My Profile

  4. Wow – you are a machine! Those are great stats. :)
    janet @ the taste space recently posted…Chiang Mai Curry Noodles with Tempeh (Vegan Khao Soi)My Profile

  5. Great, no, FANTASTIC results! You should be so proud of yourself!!!!!!! :)
    Amy @ Fun With Family and Fintess recently posted…The first few pagesMy Profile

  6. Holy crazy stats! I think its awesome what you have done and great that your going to work to continue improving too! I have been working with a trainer some and love how much he pushes me!
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted…little lap dogMy Profile

    • rebacox says:

      You should definitely do a little challenge. For example count how many jump squats you can do in a minute at the start of the month then do it again at the end.

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