Ginger + Lemon + Lime= Gingeraide


Lately I have been craving ginger like there is no tomorrow! It all started when I did a partial day cleanse from Organic Avenue two weeks ago. One of the juices was called Generous Ginger-ade Tonic. Loaded with fresh ginger juice, lemon, lime and coconut sugar it was the tastiest thing I’ve had to drink in a while. Since then I’ve been on a ginger kick, gingerale, ginger chews and ginger beer!


Juicing ginger isn’t the quickest thing in the world to do but it is easy. First scrape off the brown outside skin of the ginger with a spoon. It took me a min to get the hang of it but then it as smooth sailing!

After you scrape the skin of the ginger off you then finely grate the ginger into a bowl. One more step to go! Put the grated ginger into cheesecloth or a nut milk bag and squeeze to get the juice out.

It. Smells. Like. Heaven.





From a three inch knob I got about 2 tablespoons plus of juice. I have never seen fresh ginger juice before I was surprised it seemed so thick and was so yellow!

The recipe below will yield you about a small pitcher of ginegeraide depending on how strong you make want your juice to taste… The stronger the better for me! Gingeraide is perfect for a warm spring day.


3 Inches of Fresh Ginger

Juice of One Lemon

Juice of Half a Lime

1 Tablespoon Agave

1.5 Liters of Water


1) Scrape the skin of the knob of ginger as seen in the photos above. Finely grate the ginger into a small bowl. Transfer the grated ginger into a nut milk bag or cheesecloth and strain  the fresh ginger juice into a bowl.

2) Juice the lemon and half of the lime into the bowl with the ginger juice. Stir in the agave.

3) In a small pitcher, combine your ginger syrup and water. Stir well to incorporate.

You will have to stir the gingeraide often because the ginger will settle towards the bottom.

Serve chilled or over ice!


 What is your favorite springtime drink?

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  1. Emily says:

    That looks awesome. I loveeee ginger. Had a ton of it chopped I stirfry last night. Ginger sweet potato and one broccoli stalk makes a nice juice too…I think I added in a apple too. I love iced coffee when the weather gets nice!
    Emily recently posted…My Vegan Story – Part 2My Profile

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