(Lack of) Running Motivation

Birming6 Since the Goofy Challenge at the beginning of the year I have found it very hard to be motivated to go for a run. I usually don’t mind the cold dark weather that clouds my training every winter but this year it is really bothering me.

I have not done speed drills in 5 months. I miss them!

I have not done a run longer than 4 miles in the last three months that wasn’t a half or full marathon.

Running hurts…

Ok enough self loathing. It is hard for me to admit that I just haven’t enjoyed running in the last month and a half. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been running often and it is overall harder to do when you don’t do it often. Maybe it’s because I got so used to having to run to train for something and running for fun was not on my agenda.

Anyway about it I want my running happiness back. Last night I went out in search for that happiness. I only ran 4.5 miles. But it was 4.5 miles without a watch without a time limit and just for fun.


It felt ok, which is better than it hurting.


Perhaps this weekend I will do a long run and leave my watch at home. I can tell my IT band is acting up so I’ll need to do some major foam rolling in the next two days.


What do you do on days (weeks) when you lack running motivation?

On a positive note, I have a four day weekend!

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6 Responses to (Lack of) Running Motivation

  1. I can SO relate! This lack of sunny weather makes it really tough. I think that’s great that you went out without your watch. Try to remember why you got into running in the first place and how good you feel after going for a run. Just getting out the door is an accomplishment! It’s been a tough winter for me too and I definitely did not do as much running as I had initially planned. Hope your IT band is doing ok. I just went for x-rays on my knee and getting an MRI next week. Praying everything is ok. You’ll find your running happiness again!!! Just give it one sunny day this spring…Your pictures are awesome by the way!
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  2. Hyedi says:

    Usually I find that if I can get out the door one day, I’m more likely to go out a second day. It’s just that first day that’s hard! Enjoy your four day weekend!
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  3. Ann Mazzoli says:

    I also struggle with motivation. (I started a blog about it!) It sounds cliche but it’s true that just getting out the door helps. I will tell myself that I’m only going to run a short distance, but usually I run more than I originally plan because I”m competing with my inner wimp.

    I’ve done the same thing you did where I just run without timing it and I find that helps. Sometimes I run with no headphones and that always changes up my run because I hear interesting stuff (nature or people, etc.). I am lucky because I live near a college so when I go on a run past their athletic fields it reminds me of “the good old days” when I was in college sports and I run a little harder. I am finding as the weather gets better my motivation gets better also!

    Worst case scenario if I really can’t get into a run, I will make myself do a quick 20 minute set of intervals on my bike trainer.
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    • rebacox says:

      Running is definitely easy on you mentally when the weather is nice out. I did a 15K today without music in Central Park. I forget how nice it is just to listen to my surroundings. Thanks for sharing your opinion :)

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