Lessons From Juicing: Cooler Cleanse Review

1) Putting whole fresh foods into your body makes you feel awesome.

2) Your body is easily adaptable to healthy diets if you are in the right mindset.

Incase your just tuning in I just completed a three-day Cooler Cleanse, and I feel great!

The last day of the cleanse was I admit the most difficult. It was a weekend day and it is very hard to be disciplined enough to sip your essential green juice while hanging out at a bar with friends. I ended up staying in both Friday and Saturday nights to “be good”. Perhaps my body needed a chill weekend. When I cleanse again I think I’ll stick with weekdays.

Saturday preparing for the Superbowl was very tough. I never realized how much taste testing while cooking really matters. Also you try making Chex-Mix and not even having a bite. It is TOURTURE!

But I did it. Three days drinking just raw fruits, veggies and nuts. In the process I dropped 5.5 pounds (mostly water weight I know) and learned what it really is like to be hungry. I often eat when I’m bored and I didn’t realize that until my second day on the cleanse when I noticed hey I’m not really hungry, so why do I snack so much!

Overall I have nothing but positives to say about the cleansing process. Not all the drinks are tasty but most are satisfying enough to get you through. Surprisingly I’m still craving a few of the juices and might make them a bigger part of my overall diet. The most important thing I learned from doing it was how crappy eating certain foods make me feel. I am also going to get food allergy tested next week to see if I have a gluten allergy. More on that another day.

While I enjoyed the cleanse, coming back to real food was had. Stomach pains and headaches all day yesterday… Luckily I’m feeling better today.

Enough about juicing! This week I’ll be hitting you with recipes from my Superbowl Party! Check back tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Lessons From Juicing: Cooler Cleanse Review

  1. Very interesting and I’d love to try this sometime. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive, although I understand it’s about the quality of the ingredients. :)

    • rebacox says:

      It is very expensive. But I’ve done the math… In NYC the ingredients alone would cost me 6-8 bucks for a single drink PLUS buying an expensive machine and the clean up. But def worth investing in yourself and doing this once in awhile. In an ideal world I would do this cleanse one day a week!

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