Empire State Building Run-Up

In two weeks I will be one of only about a 400 people to participate in the annual Empire State Building Run-Up. Four months ago when I put my name in the lottery for the event it sounded like a good idea!

Since 1978 runners have taken on the 1,576 steps and 86 floors of pure pain. The record for the course is 9:30 minutes, there is no way I’m even going to come close to that!

I know you might think I’m being sarcastic when I say that I love running stairs, but I’m not. I love running stairs! That little fact makes this event a really fun one for me. The only problem is that with all of the marathon training I’ve put my body through in the last couple of months I’m not in tip-top stair running shape.

Also how different is running a narrow stair case with a hand rail on one side versus practicing on a stair climber at the gym? I don’t know but I guess I’ll find out!

My goal time is to do it in under 20 minutes. 86 steps per minutes comes in at just over 18 minutes so I figure I can do that. My secret goal time is 16 minutes… But don’t tell anybody!

Supposedly this race will be worse than running a marathon. But how bad could it be?

Last years winners.

My strategy: Get into a rhythm and stick with it, also I hear taking two steps at a time is the key for a stellar time.

Running stairs is an awesome anaerobic workout and its great for your legs. I highly recommend you adding sets of stair runs to your workouts. It will def help you on hilly runs!

 Have you ever done a stair race?

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7 Responses to Empire State Building Run-Up

  1. Hyedi says:

    I did this race last year and it was a lot of “fun!” http://www.cff.org/Chapters/minnesota/index.cfm?id=18969&event=18969

    It was a little easier than I think I had expected but I’m sure glad I trained on the stepmill at the gym leading up to it! :)

    Good luck!

  2. i’ve never done a stair race before! what a GREAT cardio workout though. I wish you the BEST of luck in two weeks!! :)

  3. When I lived in Chicago I had friends trying to convince me to run up the Hancock. NO WAY. Kudos to you for wanting to do this. GOOD LUCK.

    • rebacox says:

      I guess deep down inside I wanted to do this, lol. But I honetsly thought I wasn’t going to get in because its so hard to get in through the lottery!

  4. Stair climbing for fun? Definitely not on my top 10 list :-) Good luck with the race…can’t wait to hear if you make it in your secret time!!!

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