T-Minus 3 Days: Disney’s Goofy Challenge

Walt Disney World’s Goofy Challenge: DEFINITION- A half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. Only people who are goofy actually think its is a good idea!

Monday night Peter says to me “You seem very relaxed about the Goofy Challenge this weekend. It’s nice to see you not stressed about it!” Then, that night I couldn’t sleep because I started to get worried…

I am a stresser and I usually worry myself half to death before a big event. For some reason since I keep telling myself it’s just a “Goofy” challenge it can’t be that bad. It sounds much worse when you say a half marathon PLUS a full marathon AKA 39.3 miles, now that stresses me out!


Lets be real three years ago when I ran my first marathon at Disney World I thought all the people doing the Goofy were CRAZY! It only took two and a half years for me to change my tune.  In all honesty I’m glad I did, It will definitely be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I really look forward to finding out how tough I am. I can only imagine what kind of talks I’ll be having with myself around mile 16 of the marathon.


After the marathon in Jan 2010.

Luckily I’ll be running with some of my best buds! ALSO we will be in full costume. Each of us girls has chosen a princess and we have one prince charming. I can’t wait to share pictures. but for now I’ll give you a sneak peak of my princess costume.


Since there are two races, we have two costumes! Saturday for the half I’ll be Minnie Mouse. Then Sunday for the full marathon I’m dressing up as Rapunzel. I love Rapunzel because she too wears a power braid!

braid Tonight I’m taking it easy in a spin class. It will be my last workout before this weekends festivities. Then tomorrow is the fun day. Carb loading, and I have just the recipe for you!

Also HUGE news! Last night I bench pressed 100 pounds. I am literally PUMPED!

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