A FUNctional Workout…

A couple of months ago I detailed one of my strength training workouts with my personal trainer. That post lacked pictures! Todays post does not, thanks to my trainer/ camera man Edem.

It’s hard to notice fitness progress when you work at it day in and day out. Yea you know if your lifting heavier weights or that your able to do more reps, but what about form or physical progress? Yes I want to be able to bench press my body weight but I also want to know that I look better doing it!

I work out with my trainer twice a week. For the most part we work on weight training. I said it before and I’ll say it again it’s so important for women to work on strength training. Not only will it make you stronger and leaner, but it’s also good for your runs. Believe me this last marathon was a synch with all the newly found muscles in my legs.  Last night we did something a little different and focused on functional movements. As a marathon runner sometimes we forget our fast twitch muscles, they need love too!

My workouts are usually organized in a series of moves that I do several repetitions of 3-4 times each before I move onto my next set of activities. Below are a few series from last nights beat down!

Series One:

Box jumps

Assisted Pull Ups

Push Ups

After three times through finish with a girls best friend, 30 jump squats!


workout4 workout3 workout5

It took me a long time to get perfect the form for my push-ups… I’m pretty proud of them! All the way down till your chest touches the ground and all the way back up!

Series Two:

TRX Band Pull and Push- 10 each way (10 pull and 10 push on each arm)

4 times through



Series Three:

Behind the Back Ball Throw (10 pound weighted ball)

Rope Slam and Holds

Ball Slams and Up Downs (10 pound weighted ball)

3 Times Through






The goal is to go through these series with proper form and fast. Proper form means that unfortunately you may have to take your time until you get the movements right. I find myself always arching my back or straining my neck, as I’ve gotten stronger this has gotten much better. Doing the “Complete Book of Abs” workout has really helped keep my abs engaged more.

The workout above is not a total workout but its a start if you’re stuck in a cardio rut. I know I find myself in them sometimes. I can bang out 15 miles no problem but doing 30 minutes of fast anaerobic moves kills me!

This weekend I’m covering 26 mile in two days. I’ll be doing the Ted Corbit 15k in Central Park tomorrow and then going for a leisurely 17 mile run Sunday. I know I can do it, but lets see how fast I can do it! I want to push myself during tomorrows run.

I will let you know how it goes! What are your weekend plans?


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