Planning Ahead: 2013 Race Calender

Throw back picture to the 2010 Long Island Diva run with my girl crew!

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This is about the time of year when I sit down and think about my race schedule for the next year. I try to run a half in 3-4 new states a year so that takes a bit of planning and I have to work around family vacations. About a month ago I had to have a difficult talk with myself about my goals for 2013. I have felt stuck in training mode for a long time, about two and a half-years to be exact. Training means I can’t do boot camp classes, kill my legs with weighted squats or do fun workouts with my friends unless it includes swimming, biking or running. I also find it really hard to lose weight when I’m training for a marathon or triathlon because of the long slow burn workouts. It just doesn’t work for my body.

Last week in the midst of the aftermath of Sandy I was faced head on to make a decision. Would I train for another NYC triathlon? I’ve competed in the event twice and had a blast both times. Unfortunately I just couldn’t ever get into the training or works out because I found it  un-enjoyable. There were many times I ended workouts in tears because I just felt like I wasn’t making enough progress on my bike or I just wasn’t happy with the kind of shape I was in.

2012 NYC TRI- MUCH improved on the bike!

2010 NYC TRI finish… struggling but you can’t tell from this pic!

Friday’s sign up day for the 2013 NYC TRI came and passed. I did not sign up. Officially making 2013 the year I get back in shape. And not just any shape, I want to be a boot camp loving, heavy weight lifting, lean and mean fighting machine. I also want to re-learn to enjoy working out, not making it a chore. For example: “I have to do this workout today no mater what because of the ____ race”. I do not want to have to do any workout next year, I want to WANT to do my workouts.

2013 year kicks off with the Disney Goofy Challenge in early January, not exactly the way you start a year in which you don’t want to lock your self into a lot of training! But it will be a very causal race for me and my running buddies. We are looking forward to finishing with lots of great pictures!  Here is what else I’m looking at doing so far in 2013.

Jan 12-13th- Disney’s Goofy Challenge Orlando, Flordia

Feb 17th- Mercedes Half Marathon Birmingham, Alabama

May 5th- Flying Pig Half Marathon Cincinnati, Ohio

Sep 8th- Chicago Half Marathon Chicago, Illinois

Sep 28th-29th- Ragnar Relay Adirondacks New York

Oct 12th- Hartford Half Marathon Hartford, CT

Nov- NYC Marathon New York City, NY 

Next years big event will be the NYC marathon which I have gained entry for by doing the NYRR’s club 9+1 entry program. I’m not quite sure yet if I will follow any set sort of training for this race. I will work on a significant amount of speed training to try to set a PR in Chicago or in Hartford of sub 1:50. Those are my goals, but mostly I just want to get back to my old self before I before I became a slave to a training schedule. I’m looking forward to the freedom!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you thought about what your fitness goals are for next year?


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