Safe and Sound

Well what a start to the week. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy everything this week has been put on hold. Everything but my job that is :( Since I live in the city I can pretty easily take a cab to work unlike my co-workers who live off the island. I hope this storm clears out so the subways can be open again soon!

 We have no real damage at out apartment in Greenwich village. We didn’t see any of the bad floods that our neighbors to the west and east got. Unfortunately the jury is still out if your basement storage unit got flooded. Fingers crossed for the best…

Yesterday after I left work we huddled at one of the few local bars that was open. We went home early to watch a movie and the power went out around 8:30 PM. BOOOOO!!! We invited our friends who were at the bar over for a little hurricane house party.

Living room group photo

We used a crank flashlight and radio to listen to the news. Thanks Nanna!

Until we get power back Peter and I will be living on the slightly cold yogurt in our fridge and peanut butter and jelly wraps. When we went to the grocery store on Sunday all the bread was gone :(  I also have a couple of cans of beans so perhaps some bean wraps are in order.

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