Marathon Training Complete and New Butternut Squash Recipe

I got to spend last week breaking in these hot pink babies! They will be my marathon day running shoes!


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Its been a relatively injury free training season for the Atlantic City Marathon on Oct 21st. Thanks to my new “less miles more smiles” training program! Instead of logging 5 days a week on my feet running I’ve been running 2-3 times a week and hitting the weights to strength train hard two days a week. Not to say that I wasn’t constantly in pain with sore muscles that had been pushed to their limits, but at least there were no shin splints or IT band issues! Yesterday I did a 19 mile slow and flat run to cap off my training. I was pretty sore at the end so I can tell taking the next three weeks easy is going to be a must! I plan doing some shorter faster runs but probably nothing over 15 miles total per week.

Another thing I learned during this marathon training was how to get my hair out-of-the-way without it wadding up in a giant mess during the run. Any girl with long hair knows it can be a nightmare untangling your hair in the shower after a hard and sweaty workout! I used to pull my hair back and braid it all the way to bottom in what I called my “power braid”. Somehow it always ended in a ratted mess! I have now discovered that if you only braid your hair down halfway and let the bottom swing free you end up with out all the tangles! Not sure why but it works so I’m sticking with it!

My feet and calves were killing me by the end of the day yesterday. It probably wasn’t a good idea to spend the afternoon shopping at Bloomingdale’s and cooking in the kitchen. Today I did some extra long stretching and took it easy in a spin class. My legs feel much better after the class. I’m glad I did it. I really needed to get out the lactic acid. On the cooking home front I want to share a recipe I got from I have been trying to get on the butternut squash train for a year and haven’t found the recipe that has quite sold me. Her roasted butternut Squash with kale and almond pecan parmesan did it for me!  OhSheGlows does a great job at simplifying complex recipes and hard to cook veggies like butternut squash. I hope you try this recipe out even if you don’t love butternut squash, I promise you will not be disappointed.