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SO… Many of you read my blog but aren’t subscribed. Lets change that! Just submit your email in the subscribe to blog via email link over in the middle column next to my picture. This way you know when I post a new recipe, race review or a random rant about my workout life. If you’re asking why subscribe, I’ll give you 5 reasons.

1) I’m honest about my recipes not working out quite right all of the time. This is a judge free zone.

Just one example of a shortcoming… literally is my Grape Mousse Cake

2) You will want to see what outfits I come up with for each race I run. I have many many more states and crazy races to cover!

Shirts for the 2012 Dearborn Martian Half Marathon


2012 Disney Princess Half Marathon








3) I come up with amazing and tasty recipes for real people wanting to eat better

Hands down, fool-proof vegan chili that everyone will love… Even your meat loving dad!

4) I battle snakes and surf in my spare time… not everybody does…









 5) Life is to short not to! Subscribe and 

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I’ve been blogging for over a month now to a very limited audience. In the next month I plan to work on overhauling my website to make it more user-friendly and to do a full launch. So if you see some changes don’t panic! Do you have any suggestions? Things you want to see more of? Let me know I’m all ears!




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Pseudo athlete and vegan, learning to love all the imperfections in life. Follow me in my journey, training for races (a half marathon in all 50 states to be exact) and my adventures in the kitchen!
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  1. Andrea says:

    I just subscribed….yay!!

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