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Sadly Friday was the last day of Summer… the bad news is that days at the beach and BBQ parties are over. The good news is that fall brings football, soup, chili and crisp/cool running temperatures! This weekend I got to experience two of my favorite fall activities. Saturday Peter and I enjoyed the nice weather with a long walk on the Highline and lunch at Chelsea Market ( I’ll Try to get better at taking picture! I have none.) Then I spent the entire afternoon and evening watching college football. Unfortunately my Sooners didn’t start playing until 8 and I missed most of the second half because I had to get to bed early for Sundays NYRR 18 mile Tune-Up race. The good part about missing the second half of the game is that I didn’t have to sit miserably and watch my team lose. I can’t even begin to tell you how passionate I am about the Sooners and to see them lose hurts like running the 26th mile of a marathon! Oh well there is always next year… 

This picture pretty much sums up the game. Our QB laying on his back while the other teams recover a fumble for a touchdown.


Sunday Funday Peter and I ran in the 18 Mile Tune-Up race. I thought that this race had pace groups and was more like a training run. Boy was I wrong! I showed up to the starting line with no music and no Garmin watch. Since there were no pace groups I had no way to know how fast I was running until I saw the clock at each mile marker.  The course is three brutal laps in Central Park. If you have ever run CP you know its one hilly bad boy. During the first three miles I hate to admit I almost pulled out. I had done a little too much liquid carb loading the day before and the idea of running 18 miles at the time just didn’t seem like fun… if you know what I mean. But after one loop (6 miles) I was doing pretty good and was running pretty fast (9:20 average I think) so I decided to stick it out. My strategy for the second loop was to slow down on the hills and cruise down them. But that didn’t work, if I’m going to run a hill I want to get it over with so I just powered through them. By the 13.1 mark I had run a 2:02:30 half marathon and was still feeling fine. So I just went for it. My only goal  for the day was to finish in under 10 min miles and I crushed it. 18 miles 9:30 pace!

Last Name First Name Sex/
Bib Team City State Country Overall
Cox Reba F24 4167 0 New York NY USA 1953 626 43 2:50:43 09:30

I’m really proud I stuck with it. Perhaps not having my watch helped because I wasn’t trying to slow down to not exhaust myself. Perhaps I’m faster than I think. I will see how this weekends long 22 mile run goes, but I think I might need to re-adjust my AC marathon goal. Maybe I am able to run with the 4:15 Pace group (9:45 min/mile). That would be a PR for me by over 20 minutes.  Today I am definitely feeling the run and am going to take the day off from working out  to do a lot of stretching and icing.

My only worry from the race is that my left foot really was bothering me at the end and I had to stop and stretch my left calve 5 times. I think tapering before the race will help this problem. But I plan on a trip to my physical therapist next week to see how I can fix the problem. Of the two marathons I have run, both times I ended up with a broken bone in my foot. I would prefer to figure out a way to avoid this!

The over all winner… he blew past me at mile 6 when he was on mile 13. Impressive!

 With my free time tonight I’m going to whip up some new soup recipes. I recently ran out of my frozen supply of soups and I need to re-stock. I’m very excited to try a new recipe I created for a Vegan Buffalo “Hot wing” Soup.  I’ll share with you the recipe tomorrow!

What is your favorite part of fall? Are you signed up for any fall races?



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