A Hit and A Miss…

A Hit: Last weekend was one of those perfect weekends where you begin Monday actually reeling refreshed. Why you ask? To start off with I got to spend some much-needed time with my man, I had a successful 20 mile run and I spent Sunday afternoon watching football and cooking! It really couldn’t have been a better weekend. As you can see below my run went pretty well. I felt strong until mile 16 when my pace started to trailed off. Part of my problem is that at mile 16 I headed over to Randalls Island and got completely lost trying to find enough trails to finish my run!

Miles Distance
 Avg Pace
Summary 3:25:36.3 20.01 10:17
1 9:44.4 1.00 9:44
2 9:12.4 1.00 9:12
3 9:29.8 1.00 9:30
4 9:21.3 1.00 9:21
5 9:43.5 1.00 9:44
6 9:48.1 1.00 9:48
7 10:12.2 1.00 10:12
8 9:46.6 1.00 9:47
9 11:16.5 1.00 11:16
10 9:53.7 1.00 9:54
11 9:38.1 1.00 9:38
12 9:34.5 1.00 9:35
13 10:06.4 1.00 10:06
14 9:59.6 1.00 10:00
15 10:16.2 1.00 10:16
16 10:49.3 1.00 10:49
17 11:16.1 1.00 11:16
18 11:46.5 1.00 11:46
19 11:41.4 1.00 11:42
20 11:53.4 1.00 11:53

 After the run my legs felt surprisingly fresh. Which means 1 thing… I could have run faster. Not that I was trying to kill myself but its great to know I have more to give, because the last 6.2 miles are VERY tough. This weekends long run will be 18 miles, sort of a break( I said sort of). I’m doing a NYRR 18 mile tune up race and will be running with the 10 Min/Mile pacers. My plan is to do the first 15 miles with the pace group then to see if I can pull ahead to really “test” out my legs. I can’t believe the marathon is creeping up on me! I’m either excited or scared, just not sure which one yet.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon cooking a very non-vegan meal for Peters birthday. If I do say so myself I am an excellent rib cook and I don’t even eat them! Since I don’t have a BBQ grill I was stuck slow cooking them in the oven. It was my second time doing this and it turned out fantastic.







BBQ ribs and chicken are actually pretty easy to do in the oven. Just season with your favorite rub and let the meat set in the fridge for 30 mins to an hour, double wrapped in aluminium foil. Set the oven to 250 and cook completely sealed and covered for 2 hours, no peeking. After that, open the foil packets add any sauce you might want (I just used a rub for my chicken thighs) and cook for 30 more minutes to give the meat a crisp texture. The meat is fall off the bone good! I also made some cheese beer bread, roasted new potatoes, roasted brussle sprouts and mashed garlic and chive cauliflower (not my cup of tea). Peter must have liked his ribs because he ate almost the entire rack… Happy Late Birthday!

A Miss: Yesterday I was really excited to try out a new quick and easy lunch recipe. I had been waiting to try out my newly purchased balsamic vinegar, unfortunately on my first test drive I failed!

The new potatoes and brussle sprouts are from Sundays smorgasbord’s leftovers… at least I could eat those!

This vegan lunch included my olive oil and spice roasted leftovers on the right hand side and a quinoa, tofu and bean/lentil/ pea sprout mix with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing pictured on the left. The idea in practice sounds so good! I think where I went wrong was the sprouts mixed with the vinaigrette. I’m not for sure which sprout had a peppery taste but it threw everything off. I also need to revise my balsamic vinaigrette recipe to see if that was the problem. But over all the salad tasted bitter  and not sweet and crunchy like i had imagined it would. So its back to the drawing board for my balsamic vinaigrette, next time… next time.

Not sure I will have to many fancy recipes this week because of time constraints but I will have one or two new and good quick and easy vegan lunch ideas!

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