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I talk a lot about being sore… one reason is because not only am I training for a marathon BUT I’m also doing 2 days a week strength training with my personal trainer.  I wanted to give you a snap shot of my workout last night. Luckily Edem (my trainer) had to take it easy on me because of this weekends 20 miler. The strength training is really helping my legs remain strong during the long runs and the hills but I have slowed down a bit because its hard to do speed work when you can walk! Anyways here is what I did last night. Remember I’m not a fitness professional so don’t try anything that will get you hurt. And always ALWAYS modify if it gets to hard.

4 Times

  • 15 Weighted Leg Presses (use what weight feels challenging but not too strenuous. It’s a warmup!)
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 45 Sec stretch (switching each round: quads, hamstrings, calves)

4 Times

  • 10-15 Bench Press (I start out with just the bar and add weight as I go on)
  • 10 Push-ups

5 Times

  • 20 Assisted Chin-ups
  • 15 Ball Throws (Use a lightly weighted medicine ball and throw to the ground as hard as possible, best to do with a friend so they can catch and throw it to you fast.)

4 Times

  • 15 Straight Arm Lat Pull Downs (start with 20 pounds and see how that feels)
  • 10 Bicep Pull downs on Lat Machine (same weight as lat pull downs)

3 Times

  • 20 Full Body Abs (Using a light body bar in your hands lower your arms and legs at the same time, then bring them back up.)
  • 20 Rapid Speed Body Bar Press

3 Times

  • 45 Seconds Oblique Twists (with light body bar)

3 Times

  • 15 Free Weight Bench Press
  • 20 Single Arm Press (Leave the arms in the air in between.)
  • 10 Twist and Tucks (Start the movement with both arms in the air like a bench press. As you come down twist your arms in down by your sides with your palms facing inwards.)


Tonight’s workout was a 5 mile run with speed drills. Unfortunately my watch wasn’t charged so I have no idea how fast OR slow I was running. The weather outside tonight in NYC is fantastic. It was nice to get some of the lactic acid out of my muscles before tomorrows long 20 mile run. Here are some pictures of my run along the West Side Highway and Battery City Park.

Jersey City Skyline

Basketball, tennis, sand volleyball, mini golf, pool, you name it the west side highway has it!

Freedom Tower in the background

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