Sweet Corn and Oatmeal Polenta Bake

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As much as I hate to admit it, the end of summer is here. Not only does that mean going to work and coming home in the dark but it also means saying goodbye to fresh corn on the cob. In honor of the end of summer I decided to go all out last night, creating a new recipe for vegan sweet corn and oatmeal polenta and borrowing a zucchini muffin recipe. Although semi-time intensive I was able to put together dinner for Peter and I with 30 minutes of prep time and I had leftovers for lunch. For the most part these recipes call for things you have handy in your kitchen so that makes life easier and more cost-effective! A couple of weeks ago Food52 posted a great vegetarian recipe for polenta made with fresh corn on the cob instead of the typical dry grain. It is so easy cutting the corn off the cob slightly cooking and then processing in your food processor to break up the kernels.  The recipe turned out great but I wanted to give the recipe a twist making it not only vegan but more stick to your ribs filling. The recipe below combines the fresh sweet broken down kernels with hearty oatmeal to become more of a thick and creamy texture with out only 4 ingredients and no dairy. I hope you like it. I liked it so much I actually froze a bit of extra the processed corn so that one dark cold winter night I can re-heat it and pretend its July again! Sticking with my summer theme I also shredded two zucchini’s to make enough shreds for the muffins I served along with the meal, and the rest as toppings.  Yumm Yumm, enjoy quick before the corn runs out!

Sweet Corn and Oatmeal Polenta:

5 Ears of Fresh Corn on the Cobb De-Husked

3/4 Cup Quick Cooking Oatmeal

1 Tablespoon Vegan Butter

Salt to Taste

1) Carefully slice the kernels off the de-husked cobs. If you’re not careful it will fly everywhere. I found some at the base of my cabinets!

2)Once you have “skinned” all of your corn on the cobs put all the kernels to a large pot and add enough water to just cover corn. Salt the water. Cook on med-high for 12-20 minutes. I would use this time to prep for any vegetable you are serving with the dish. In my case I was shredding zucchini and getting my muffins ready to go!

3) Turn your oven to 350. When the corn is cooked, use a slotted spoon to dip out the corn and process in your food processor. Add a tablespoon of the cooking water to your food processor to make it go easier. Process the corn a minute or two until all of the kernels are broken down. My food processor only holds 4 cups so I had to do bit by bit. To save dish washing time I just added the “polenta” straight to my baking dish (8*8 dish).

4) Once you have your “polenta” in your baking dish add in your oatmeal and vegan butter. Stir to mix well.

5) Bake at 350 in the oven uncovered for 1 hour. Let cool then slice to serve. The dish made three servings with Peter eating 1 very LARGE serving lol.

Dinner! Topped off with sauteed zuchinni shreds and maranara!










Luckily the zucchini muffins baked at the same 350 temp so they could cook at the same time. My only alteration from the sparkpeople recipe was using brown sugar instead of regular sugar. They turned out good, but not perfect. I’ll have to get to work on “fixing” the recipe to suit my taste! They do look pretty though!








 What is your favorite summer recipe?

On the workout front. I’m very sore! Its been difficult to get back into all of the intense workouts I do. After being sick for so long my body just isn’t quite ready to hit the hills or weights that hard. Today I’m doing strength training with my personal trainer. Hopefully he doesn’t kill my legs because I”m going to tackle a 20 miler on Saturday! More on that tomorrow! Have a good evening :)


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