Whirlwind Weekend!

 In the last 72 hours I don’t think I’m stopped to relax or slept much. Last Friday I really wanted to do a post but I didn’t have time before I had to set off to the airport. So todays post will be a two-in-one. Because I don’t want to confuse you I’ll start with Friday and work my way through the weekend!


From up at the AMEX Fashion Week Skybox

My best guess as to who wins is Dmitry

For the last few years Peter and I have gotten to attend fashion week thanks to getting tickets from AMEX (no not free, unfortunately). This year we were lucky enough to get tickets for the Project Runway finally. I have been a huge fan since season 1 and was so excited to get these tickets! Usually the shows last 15 minutes and then its over. This one lasted about 45 minutes and we got to see a line from the 8 final contestants of this seasons show. Since the show is still airing they don’t want to give away who the final 3 or 4 are. I was blown away by some of the designers and hated some of the others. Over all a good show and I’m so thankful to Peter for getting me tickets!

Korea which was an interesting show of several up and coming Korean fashion designers. It was neat to get to see the designers being interviewed amongst the crowd and to see the clothes up close.

   After leaving the Concept Korea show I spied a few past contestants from Project Runway hanging outside of the exit of the runway so we went over to see what was happening. I got to meet Season one winner Jay McCarroll who I LOVE!. It was interesting to get to chat with him about his experiences from the show and how Heidi Klum doesn’t even talk to him anymore. I found him very amusing and am so happy I got to meet him! As I was talking to Jay, the woman herself started walking towards us. Keep in mind that at this point (11:45) there is not many people hanging around. Heidi literally took my breath away walking towards us. I have never seen a more flawless woman. I tried to get my picture with her but was sadly told no :(


Needless to say this season fashion week show was the best yet! We got back home from the shows around noon and I had 1 hour before Amanda was going to meet me to do this weeks long run of 18 miles. I was very worried about being able to finish the run since it was 87 degrees out and very humid, so actualy temperatures were higher. But I knew I had no choice but to finish the run that day because my weekend was jam-packed in OKC. Before the run I downed some Gatorade and ate half a Power Bar. For the first three miles Amanda and I were dying because we were running in direct sun, we quickly changed our route to run in the park so that we wouldn’t fry. I was actually feeling quite good for not having really worked out hard in three weeks thanks to my salmonella sickness. At around mile 7 Amanda had to drop out because she wasn’t feeling that great, and I don’t blame her, but I had to finish. And I was actually doing quite well until mile 13 when I had to start taking walking breaks. My over all pace was 11:11 Min miles, not ideal BUT I’m very happy about the pace given the temperature and the fact that my body was still recovering. NEVER again will I do a 18 mile run in the middle of the hot day.  I would caution anyone who tries to do this to find a shady route and drink lots of water. I drank two bottles of water and had several water stops along my run and I was very dehydrated afterwards. After my run I had 45 minutes to shower, pack and head to the airport for my trip to Oklahoma! I was totally exhausted and a little stuff in the joints but I was so happy to be headed home. Not only was I going to get to see my grandparents and parents but also I was going to be attending Kimberley’s wedding shower and bachelorette party. It was well worth the little sleep/rest I got!

 SATURDAY: Kimberley’s Wedding Shower and Bachelorette Party


We all had a really good time and a big thank you to Kimberley’s family who did most of the planning. All I had to do was help prep the food/ desserts and plan the games. I have to say everything was a huge success and I had a great time. That night we all headed to the Sheraton in OKC to get ready for dinner at In The Raw Bricktown. After dinner we headed to the Loony Bin for a comedy show, BTW why is smoking inside still ok in OK? GRRR! Anyways, we finished off the night at Skky Bar downtown. I loved seeing Kim out on the dance floor! We left the bar at a respectable hour since bars in OKC close down at 2 by law(WTF?). The rest of the night was spent laughing and catching up in the hotel room. Man I miss Kim. 


                  SUNDAY: Last Morning at Home :( After a couple hours of sleep I woke up to hang out for a bit with Kim and the other girls who stayed the night at the hotel. Then I headed home to relax a bit before my long journey home. Why is there no direct flight home from OKC to NYC at a decent hour?!? My dad and I watched the OU game from the night before on replay. It was so nice to get to watch some football since I missed all of the saturday games and was going to miss the sunday games due to travel. If you want to make plans with me this weekend please know that you will have to make them around my football watching plans. Luckily my flight home had no delays so I was walking through to door at home by 9:15. Exhausted, sore and tired but so happy to have had a great weekend! Next week after i do my long run of 20 miles I will be doing a lot of relaxing, you betcha!

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