Re-Grouping and Learning to Relax

As of now I’m not sure when I’m going to get back  to my marathon training or any working for that matter. I’m still having horrible headaches from the spinal tap puncture. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to go in  for something that’s called a blood patch. Basically it uses our own blood to stop any spinal tap leaking that’s still occurring from the spinal tap needle puncture. Fingers crossed it relieves my headaches. Sitting still and relaxing is not something that I do well so I’ve been struggling the last two weeks. I’m not used to so much down time! At this point my body feels rested and ready to get back moving. Unfortunately it looks like I will have to lay low after the blood patch. To be honest I’m scared, I had been making so much progress with my runs and strength training I’m scared to take off another week. I know my marathon training will be ok but it’s not going to be easy when I start back up again. Also I hate to admit it but my mental confidence is shattered. My plan at this point is to eliminate one of my 20 miles runs and last weeks scheduled 17 miler. If tomorrows procedure goes well I should be able to go out for a slow and steady 18 mile run Monday. Is it too much too soon? Time will tell. With all my downtime I’ve got some more reading in and I just finished Chrissie Wellington’s autobiography. Chrissie has competed and won all 13 Ironman races she has raced, and she is giving the men a run for their money. She is slightly psychotic about training through all pain and broken bones, but i sort of feel like her right now. I just want to get back out there, I’m ready to fight through the this.

On a more fun topic this whole salmonella thing is making me re-think my lunch habits. I really really enjoy my Hale and Hearty salad but I have this gut feeling that it is what got me sick. So I’ve been doing some creative thinking on what to pack for lunch instead of going out to grab something. The last two days I’ve had a fantastic veggie sandwich and some greek yogurt. I’ve had a couple of extra cans of black beans sitting in my cabinet for a while so I put them to good use rinsing and mashing them with a bit of feta cheese. Then I quickly roasted some de-shelled edamame and added them to the sandwich once I spread the black bean/ feta mix on the bread. The edamame adds a bit of different texture and taste. If I had more time I think a bit of my orange sesame vinaigrette would bring this sandwich over the top.

Fingers crossed that tomorrows procedure goes well so I can get back into the kitchen!

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