Rest and Recovery at Ocean Beach, Fire Island



Friday afternoon the doctor’s called to tell me that they finally knew what was making me sick. Salmonella! I blame the salad I had the Friday before last from Hale and Hearty but it’s very hard to know. In any event finally an answer and finally they could treat me and not just say let it pass. What a relief… how many times has my grandmother or mom told be “don’t eat that you will get salmonella”? A lot, but that was mostly referring to raw cookie dough… yumm. Moral of the story, if the salad looks iffy do not eat it. Last week was one of the worst weeks of my life. Luckily once I got on the antibiotics and got some migraine medication for my headaches I started to feel much better. Peter and I had booked this weekend for Fire Island but all week we were unsure if I would be able to make the journey. To get to the lovely island you have to take a train to a taxi to a ferry, not easy on ones stomach! In the end, with the medications I decided to give it a try. If we didn’t go we were out the cost of one (expensive) night of stay so I figured why not try. At least I could lay in a bed at the ocean!


Ocean Beach at Fire Island holds a special place in my heart. When Peter and I started dating over 3 years ago he invited me out a few times to stay with him. We had such a good time and I’ll never forget the memories. This weekend was no exception to my past experiences. Although I was considerably less fun since there was no drinking and no late nights at any of the three bars on the island, we had a great time.

Labor Day Weekend 2009. Young love.

Some things never change! Out at Albatross this weekend


                                Out at the beach I spent the majority of both days fully covered up under the shade but still got sunburnt. I guess that they really mean it when they stay out of the sun when your on antibiotics! Saturday a couple of Peters friends came out and we grilled up a feast. Since I hadn’t eaten anything for 7 days besides goldfish and some broth I was looking forward to a turkey burger and grilled veggies. We had so much food! Grilling out is something that I really miss living in the city. 

   Since I was still having a lot of stomach issues I wasn’t able to eat that much but I did really enjoy some grilled summer corn. One of my favorite things! Saturday I attempted to go out at least to survey the bar scene but was home by 11:30. Salmonella really is a buzz kill! This morning I slept until 9 AM. That never happens! It was just so nice to get some rest. I hated to come back to the city after such a relaxing weekend but after a week of not working I had to get back to prepare for the week. I just really hope that my headaches and tummy issues subside a bit more before tomorrow. 

 Tomorrow I’ll finally do my post about making cashew cheese. Maybe by then I’ll be able to even eat some of it! I hope to be able to get back into the kitchen this week. I’ve got a whole lot of summer veggies going to waste in my fridge. 

If you couldn’t eat for 7 days what would your first meal be? Mine was french fries, but sort of by accident. It was just what was available!  They tasted amazing!!!     


High Tide was a problem… Peter’s solution was to build moats then guard them to make sure they worked.



Such a fun Group!




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