Sick On The Ground

Peter making me laugh by using my “pocket” to store my saltine crackers.

Sorry for the lack of post this week but I’ve been horribly sick. I haven’t been able to keep much food or liquids in my stomach since Sunday morning. I first thought it was food poisoning but had to rule that out after it lasted longer than 48 hours. Monday I went to urgent care and had to get a few bags of saline solution pumped into me. They were worried about my head and neck aches but the fluids made me feel better so I went home. Tuesday morning my head and neck aches were much worse so Peter packed me up to take me to the emergency room, better to be safe than sorry.  I spent a total of ten hours there and it felt like I got so much saline solution pumped into me so that I was now a human floaty device, lol. You would think not having anything in your tummy for that many days would not make you feel so bloated! They did a spinal tap to test for meningitis. This made me really scared because of the risks associated with it. Luckily the test was negative, which ment I just had a bad viral infection and needed to let it pass. After they got my fever down from 102 they started the release process. Thursday I attempted to go to work but after 2 hours of sitting at my desk my headache was so strong I felt I was going to faint. Last night my headaches had gotten so bad we went back to the ER. It seems that bad headaches are a side effect of the spiral tap.  So good news/ bad news I just had to stay laying down as much as possible for the spinal tap fluids to replenish themselves. Today I’m feeling much better but my headaches are still there. I hope that this weekend I can kick the rest of this virus. Its been a miserable experience. Thankfully I had Peter to help take care of me. Poor Peter, he has been such a great boyfriend and nurse, I’m not sure how I’ll ever pay him back! In case you’re wondering I did make my cashew cheese last weekend and it turned out great. But I didn’t get to eat much of it yet. When I get better I’ll pass the recipe along. 



has been so good taking care of me this week. He says I’m a good patient but I know how hard hours in the ER can be.

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  1. Mandi says:

    Love you! Feel better Riblet!! Sorry I didn’t call you back, 2x. Sincerely sorry!!! XOXOXOXO!!

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