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  The Atlantic City Marathon will be my third marathon and its coming up quick, October 21st to be exact! The two previous marathons I’ve done were the Walt Disney World Marathon and the ING NYC Marathon both in 2010.  I trained using Hal Higdons intermediate schedule for both of the events. For Disney I used the intermediate 1 schedule. Then for NYC I bumped up the difficulty adding in a third 20 mile run using the intermediate 2 schedule. Both of those training plans are great and got me to the finish line, but I also suffered a few injuries along the way due to the total number of days/ miles running.

This time around I’m only running 3 days a week in addition to two sessions with my personal trainer doing strength training and agility drills.  Here is what I have left on my homemade schedule, I upped the mileage on the last long run to 22 miles just to practice getting past “the wall”. Saturdays fun workout is usually something different and with friends. The last two weeks its been hot yoga, the 60 min version (no way I’m sitting through 90 mins of that in this heat).

  Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
6 Aug 13-19 Rest ST 5 m run ST 4 m run FUN 13
7 Aug 20-26 Rest ST 8 m run ST 4 m run FUN 17
8 Aug 27-2 Rest ST 8 m run ST 5 m run FUN 18
9 Sep 3-9 Rest ST 5 m run ST 5 m run FUN 20
10 Sep 10-16 Rest ST 8 m run ST 5 m run FUN 20
11 Sep 17-23 Rest ST 5 m run ST 5 m run FUN 15
12 Sep 24-30 Rest ST 8 m run ST 5 m run FUN 22
13 Oct 1-7 Rest ST 6 m run ST 5 m run FUN 15
14 Oct 8-14 Rest ST 5 m run ST 4 m run FUN 8
15 Oct 15-21 Rest ST 4 m run ST Rest 2 m run Marathon

 So far so good with my plan of decreased miles and higher intensity on the weight lifting. Usually I have shin and calve problems when the miles start to add-up, but with reducing my runs per week I’ve been able to stay healthy. But it’s not easy to do runs when your muscles feel like you ripped them to shreds either! I’ll try to add in some pictures and descriptions of a few of my workouts with Edem (my trainer). Most of the time women shy away from the weights area of the gym but I love it. Each week I’m getting stronger and muscle fatigue during my long runs isn’t as quick to set in.   I’m also working out my upper body quite hard as well. My goal is to be able to bench press my body weight by the end of the year, not something many women can do. So far I’ve reached up to 67% of my body weight.

 As I mentioned in Mondays post, this week is my pull back week. Hallelujah! My legs needed it after doing three days in a row this last weekend. Hopefully that wont happen again. So on tonight’s run I’ll try to increase my pace with some speed intervals. I’ll also need to get out some lactic acid from all the single leg lunges and jump squats I did last night with a 45 pound bar on my shoulders. Yea, doing that will make your legs pretty and sore!

What training schedule do you follow? Do you have any questions/comments about my game plan? I’d like to know the secret to being able to run 40 plus miles a week without getting injured, let me know if you can help. Kapish?!

After my 5 mile run tonight I’m going to get adventurous in the kitchen. First off a gluten-free, vegan pizza with quinoa crust for dinner. Then I’m going to try to make a vegan grape mousse cake with a vanilla cookie crust. I’ve been dying to try to make my own version of this since I first saw the recipe a few weeks ago on Sweetly Raw’s blog. Can’t wait to tell you how it turns out! Wish me luck.

Picture from Sweetly Raw’s website. Fingers crossed mine turns out half as pretty.

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