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This weekend was great, except for one glitch. It took me two tries to do my long 15 mile run. But I got it done! My original plan was to run Saturday morning after sleeping in a bit, but Friday nights smörgåsbord dinner at the Spice Market made that more difficult! I had such a good time out with the girls, and I really wish I had a picture to share cause everyone looked great. One of the girls knew the chef and he so nicely served us EVERYTHING on the menu. So yummy! But it didn’t leave my stomach in a good place the next morning to do that many mile. I got started late around 10 AM and the plan was 3 loops of the 5 mile route in Central Park. At about 3 miles in I knew it was going to be difficult. 1) I had started way to late and it was just to hot out. 2) My legs felt very weak, probably still from Tuesdays legs workout! It was hard not to start pouting but I finished 7 miles strong with some very fast miles, getting in some speed drills. I tried not to beat myself up to much because I knew I had this morning to do. After a quick shower and lunch I was off to my second activity of the day… volunteering at the Ironman!!!!!

A couple of my friends were actually crazy enough to be doing the event and it was amazing to be there at the end to see them finish. I’m not going to lie I volunteered for selfish reasons, I wanted to get motivated to do one someday. As I watched the athletes finish, some finished strong with smiles, some finished and collapsed to the ground with cramping muscles, I was brought to tears a couple of times.  Truly amazing what these folks had done. Someday… someday.

1st Place Male Jordan Rapp 08:11:18

First Place Female Mary Beth Ellis 9:02:48


On average most Ironman athletes train 20 hours per week.







I think I need to finish a half Ironman before I commit to this challenge. Also the cost of the NY Ironman has now risen to $1,200, quite a commitment!   

 When I went to bed that night, even though my feet were swollen and legs were tired from standing all day I knew I could to finish my 15 miles. This morning a little groggy and tired I hopped up when my 7:15 AM alarm went off, chowed down half a power bar (my pre-race/ long run bar of choice) and hit the road. “Slow and steady, finish the distance” my mornings motto! Since I had no running buddy I had a lot of miles to self-reflect. I also planned out some meals this week and made a mental grocery list! My legs and cardio felt strong so I ended up doing a couple of faster miles mixed in with the miles 30 seconds slower than marathon target pace (10 min miles). I felt good the whole way through, and I haven’t run three days back to back in about two years so I was pretty surprised how my legs were handing it.  At the end as my watch beeped at the 15th mile I felt a  huge relief.  Done and done, at exactly the pace I needed to run it in! 

I have this weeks menu all planned out thanks to the 2.5 hours of “thinking time”. I can’t wait to share a few new summer veggies recipes with you!  Go ahead and stock up on lots of zucchini and fresh corn on the cob. Hopefully I will have time to share an amazing grape mouse dessert with you as well. ( I’m such a tease I know!) 

After I cool down I headed out to Long Beach to end the day hanging with friends and watching Peter play some volleyball with some of his volleyball team mates. I even used the cool ocean water as an ice bath for my legs!   

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