Marathon Training vs. Real Life

  In an ideal marathon training situation you would run 4-5 times a week with several speed drills and repeat hills on your shorter runs and negative splits on your long run. But in the real world that doesn’t always happen. I had planned to go for a nice flat 7 mile midweek training run this evening. Unfortunately my Dr.’s appointment lasted late and wasn’t full of the best news, by the time I got home I was drained. Earlier in the day I was talking with one of my running buddies who is training for the Chicago marathon next month. Due to summers busy travel and rec-league sport commitments his mid-week runs haven’t been going as scheduled ither.  The unfortunate part about life is that you can’t control all of the X factors in your runs i.e a hard day at work, a cold or your boss asking you to work late. I’ve found that the key to successful marathon training is making the runs that you do count. I’m not talking about running as fast as possible, but make sure your  there mentally, trying your hardest and listening to your body. Today I took off from my run because my body was exhausted. I’m still working on being in tune with my body. My go to thought is to always try to go with my set schedule, but it’s not whats always right. Sometimes that will do more harm than good. On to the next workout, tomorrow’s heavy upper body workout (I’m trying to be able to bench press my body weight). Come Friday you better believe those 7 miles are going down!

I want to pass along an article that Peters friend Jessica Bishoff wrote. It’s about the body’s ability to do amazing things:

 What do you do you push yourself on days that you don’t feel motivated? What do you do on days when you know the workout is just not happening? Last night I had a nice dinner of veggie pho at our local Vietnamese place and watched the Olympics. What a way to get inspired to get back at it! I love the way that Allyson Felix attacked tonight’s 200 meter final. Two olympics in a row with the silver, and finally a gold tonight!

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