Simple Twist on Nut Milk

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About 6 months ago I was told the worst news possible by my doctors, no more soy milk. I wondered how I would cope, only being slightly sarcastic here. My morning routine was to start every day with a glass of Silk vanilla low fat soy milk, so tasty. But in hopes to stop my blood sugar from dropping in the mornings and making me feel horrible I was game to try anything at this point! So I switched to almond milk which at first I hated and couldn’t stand to drink straight out of the glass. To eat with cereal I had to use a couple packets of Splenda to make it taste OK. After a few months the taste began to grow on me and now I’m hooked and have been off the juice (i.e soy milk) ever since!

A couple of weeks ago I thought to myself “I wonder if I can make my own milk/ how much time will it take me.” A quick google search came up with a number of recipes. But it was pretty straight  forward. Soak 1 cup of almonds (blanched or unblanched, but definitely raw) overnight or at least 6 hours. Then blend the soaked almonds with 4 cups of water and the flavoring or your choice (anything works really, vanilla, dates, stevia) for a min or two and strain through a nut milk bag! Pretty simple. My first attempt took awhile because i had to figure out the whole straining thing, but the effort was worth it. It taste a million times better than the store bought AND is totally drinkable by the glass! Today’s recipe became an obsession of mine last week when I thought OMG how good would pistachio milk taste. The answer… pretty freakin good.

Getting the shelled raw pistachios was the only small hitch in my plan, I would need to order them.  I found them online at prices were reasonable and I got them delivered within a day. Infact I also loaded up on a couple pounds of blanched almonds and raw cashews as well, needless to say there was a huge Oh Nuts! box at my door when I got home from work. I’ve never smiled so much over nuts :)  

So all you pistachio lovers out there rejoice! Here are the recipe details:

1 cup raw shelled pistachios, soaked at least 6 hours and up to 12

4 cups water

2 teaspoons of vanilla (optional, try first without to see how you like it)

1. Blend the ingredients in the blender on liquefy for a min or two. The water will start to turn a fabulous green immediately.

2. Pour the milk through your nut milk straigner into your jar or bowl. The jar I was using to store my milk had a narrow top so I choose to use a bowl. This may take awhile so to speed it up gently squeeze the nut milk bag to force the milk out of the leftover pistcahio pulp.

 3. Pour into your closeable storage jar and enjoy after chilling in the fridge!

There are many uses for the leftover pulp so store it in a container lined with a paper towel in your fridge. I’ll share some ideas in the next couple of days for ways to use it. I was shocked at the taste of this milk which is so strong but yummy. You would swear there was extra flavoring in the milk, but there isn’t just three simple ingredients! It may be too strong to drink stright out of the glass from some of you. I used my milk to make brown rice breakfast porriage. Its a very nice twist on a simple breakfast staple. I’ll make sure to share that recipie with you soon!

After finally getting a great night of sleep last night I got to enjoy this milk for breakfast. Yummy pistcahio brown rice and barley breakfast porriage! Hopefully this will keep me fueled for tonights heavy leg workout with my trainer.

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