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Not so perfect life, its not perfect but its my life. I hope you follow me on my journey, finding happiness within everything thats doesn’t turn out perfect! When I thought up the blog I knew I wanted an honest blog about life and I think thats just what you’ll find here. I hope to inspire you to stay fit, eat healthy and to live life loving all the twist and turns.

So to start off a little about myself. I’m a foodie, a runner and I love a good challenge. I started reading food and health blogs about a year ago as my passion for cooking homemade non-vegan vegan friendly recipe’s grew. I am also a running fanatic and love running races around the country with my friends. Currently I’m in the process of running a half marathon in every state, so far I have covered 14 states. Luckily I have a great crew around me for support. From friends across the country that are always willing to fly and meet me in different states for a race to my boyfriend who is my recipie gennie pig.

I plan to cover my marathon training, review my races and to fill you in on all of my cooking projects! Today I tried Pistachio milk for the first time. Check in on my next blog for my recipie and thoughts!


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Pseudo athlete and vegan, learning to love all the imperfections in life. Follow me in my journey, training for races (a half marathon in all 50 states to be exact) and my adventures in the kitchen!
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